www.milan-airport-transfers.com is the website that Cosmo Snc di Meloni Stefania e C.  (the “Supplier”) uses to receive booking for its private transfers services. By booking a transfer on line on the aforementioned website, the user accepts all the conditions that are explained below.

When booking with us, the first named person on the booking agrees on behalf of all persons detailed on the booking that he/she:

  1. read the following Terms & Conditions and agree to be bound by them;
  2. consents to our use of personal data to provide the service;
  3. is over 18 years of age;
  4. accepts financial responsibility for payment of the booking on behalf of all persons detailed on the booking.

Your booking with us is subject to the Terms and Conditions and the specific terms and conditions and you are advised to read them carefully. 
IMPORTANT! Make sure you received our written confirmation to any request, even in case of changes and amendments prior to your departure.

As soon as your  booking is confirmed  a contract between you and the supplier will exists. The Supplier is entitled to refuse any order placed by you. We do not guarantee availability to every booking request. In the unlikely event that the supplier cannot find a vehicle available for your booking request, we will email you to advise you as soon as possible. If you have already paid the service we will refund it as soon as possible. In some cases refunds may take up to 5 working days.



It is possibile to cancel your transfer up to 24h prior to the agreed pickup/arrival time. To cancel your reservation you can contact the service manager directly or use the website contact form.
Always specify the reservation ID when requesting a cancellation.

It is possibile to cancel your transfer up to 24h prior to the agreed pickup/arrival time. After that period, the cancellation fee amounts to 100% of the cost.


  • UP TO 12H before the agreed pickup
    No cancellation fee.
  • FROM 12 TO 6h before the agreed pickup
    Cancellation fee: 50% of the cost
  • IN THE LAST 6h before the agreed pickup
    Cancellation fee 100% of the cost.

IMPORTANT! In any of the aforementioned cases COSMO SNC  will provide a receipt to ask the airline, maritime or train company, or the travel insurance for a refund.



We cannot be held responsible for events like strikes, extreme adverse weather or other events beyond our reasonable control, and therefore we'll not provide compensations in case of such events. All the conditions in this contract apply.


The maximum waiting time is 90minutes, after that each additional hour or fraction will be charged 30€/h (cars) or 50€/h (vans and minibuses) upon request and availability. Rescheduling of the transfer is only possible if you contacted us before departing to notify the delay and only upon availability and is not guaranteed, and the present conditions apply.

The loss of the final leg of a connection flight/train, due to the delay of the first flight/train, if communicated in the last 3h before the agreed pickup, entails a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of the service. After that term or in without any communication from the customer, the full amount is required.
As for the other cases mentioned above, we’ll provide a receipt to ask the carrier for a refund.

Please refer to this link to get to know all your rights when traveling in EU by plane


The customer can pay using: credit card, PayPal or cash to the driver. The exchange/administrative flat fee for PayPal payments amounts to 5% of the price, and it is discounted when choosing cash to the driver or credit card.

By providing your card information during the booking process, you allow COSMO SNC  to use those information to charge the cancellation fee in all the cases mentioned in the CANCELLATION POLICY below. 


Amendments (not caused by flight/train/ship cancellations or delays) to confirmed bookings such as: pickup address, pickup time, destination address or flight/ship/train information, or special requests should be made EXCLUSIVELY via the website, by logging in using your email and the password received in the email with subject ACCESS DATA. Please check your spam/junk folder if you cannot find it. Or contact us to reset your password.

Modification requests via the Request information from on the website will not be taken into consideration.

If the customer needs to change the pickup location or destination location, the booking will have to be cancelled and a new booking should be processed. The cancellation can be asked using the form on the website.

Modifications are always subjected to availability. No amendment can be guaranteed and, should the customer decide to cancel the transfer for that reason, the cancellation policy below will still applies.


Even though we monitor the arrival time of the train/flight/ship the maximum waiting time indicated below won't change.

  1. Pick-up from airports and cruise terminal
    60min from the actual flight/ship arrival time (displayed on the terminal displays). After that time, and without a communication from the customer, the service will be considered as NO-SHOW, the driver will leave the meeting point and a 100% fee will be charged.
  2. Pick-up from any other location:
    30min after the agreed pickup time. After that period, if the driver has not been contacted by the customer, he will leave the meeting point and the service will be considered as NO-SHOW, hence a 100% cancellation fee will applied.

After the indicated time above, each additional hour or fraction will be charged 30€/h (cars) or 50€/h (vans and minibuses) upon request and availability.


To ensure the best service and vehicle for the customer’s need, please inform us about any big luggage or special items that have an odd shape, are heavy or bigger than usual, including, but not limited to:

  • strollers
  • ski bags
  • snowboards
  • wheelchairs
  • scuba dive equipment
  • bikes and bike bags
  • golf bags

The customer shall be held responsible for any expenses for additional or different vehicles necessary to carry the luggage or special items specified on the reservation form.


Cosmo Snc di Meloni Stefania e C. is not responsible for damages caused by delays, lost luggage, and flight, ships, trains or other means of transportation in connection.

Cosmo Snc di Meloni Stefania e C. outsources some of its services, when necessary, to other companies that work with the same quality standards and efficiency.

The Supplier is committed, in every reasonable way, to making sure that all its vehicles, or vehicles driven by external collaborators, arrive in time for the departure and arrival appointments at their destination. However, it will not be responsible for delays due to force majeure (weather, socio-political events, accidents, traffic, vehicle breakdowns).


By selecting the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions in the booking form, the customer undertakes to honoring the commitments made at the time of the booking. Customers should provide real data (address, phone, name, etc), and should communicate every change promptly, should the information provided at the time of the booking be not up-to-dated. The Customer is responsible for any information provided in the booking process. If those informations are incorrect the provider cannot be held responsible in any case.


After completing the booking procedure, the customer will receive a confirmation email. If there is no vehicle available, we’ll send an email to decline the booking. We recommend to always check che spam/junk folder and to add our address to the authorized senders list. In addition the customer can log on to the website using the username and password created whilst booking, to check the status of the reservation.

Vehicles types and models specified in the booking form and throughout the whole website,are mainly for service description purposes. In some rare cases, the supplier of the service could use a different vehicle for the transfer, i.e. if the booked vehicle is delayed by traffic, deviations or other reasons that are not voluntary. In these cases the supplier will provide the first suitable vehicle available, at the same price or at a higher price if necessary. We cannot guarantee that the same vehicle specified in the confirmation email will be provided for the service.


If, for reasons beyond its control, the supplier needs to make a significant change to your confirmed services, or is forced to cancel them, we will inform you as soon as reasonably possibile.


By law, in Italy child seats are not mandatory for private transfer services, however when requested Cosmo Snc di Meloni Stefania e C. will to its best to provide them for free if available.
Anyway we cannot guarantee they will be provided.


If you have a complaint about the service and what to ask for a refund, please contact Cosmo Snc di Meloni Stefania e C. using the number of the service manager that can be found in the confirmation email or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Complaints received via the request information form will not be prioritized and or processed separately in any way. The email customer service is only available for helping customers with the booking procedure or for quotations that cannot be processed via the instant quote.

www.milan-airport-transfers.com shall not be held responsible for any delay, modification or cancellation caused by unforeseeable circumstances beyond its control, such as accidents on the transfer route, normal or heavy traffic, acts of terrorism, strikes, police checkpoints, extreme weather conditions, detours, natural disasters, road maintenance, etc.

12. Intellectual Property Rights 
Trademarks, copyrights, and all other intellectual properties of this website have been granted to Milan Airport Transfers and are protected by the national and international regulations governing intellectual property. Any use of these contents by third parties for any purpose other than booking transfers is prohibited, including modification, subsequent publication and total or partial reproduction or representation without the express consent of  Milan Airport Transfers.

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